The Only One in the World, BMW K100 Cafe Racer Uses Automatic Transmission

BMW K100 cafe racer has one feature: an automatic CVT transmission.

This Brazilian Retro Rides motorcycle no longer uses a manual transmission because the BMW K100 is a particular order.

The owner has a disability in his left leg and dreams of owning a cafe racer, so he asks Retro Rides to outsmart it.

bmw k100
This conversion from manual to automatic for the BMW K100 is the request of the motor owner

Retro Ride accepts it and begins to realize the challenge.

It took the Retro Rides team four months to apply the automatic transmission to the BMW K100 until it worked usually.

They went straight to the bodywork to make this bike a cafe racer right with the transmission.

bmw k100
Look, the footstep is without the gear lever

The subframe has been completely overhauled. It is short and is fitted with a luxurious maroon leather single-seater.

The tank still uses the default K100, which has been given a dark blue colour with a few maroon accents and a BMW emblem.

bmw k100
The front fork is upside down, the rear suspension is horizontal

The rear suspension is also a custom result from Retro Rides so that its position is horizontal.

For the wheels, they still use the BMW K100 but have been given a bronze colour and new tires, of course.

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bmw k100
The BMW K100 automatic cafe racer is the only one and the first in the world

As a result, this motorbike is the only automatic BMW K100 cafe racer in the world.

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