BMW K100 Cafe Racer, Formula 1 Inspired, Horizontal Suspension

The BMW K100 is a highly sought-after motorcycle that can be made into a custom motorcycle.

Gustavo Lourenco, Retro Rides’ builder, is particularly interested in the ‘Flying Brick’.

Gustavo’s unique work is evident in this project. His K100 was remodeled to a cafe racer design with inspiration from Formula 1 (F1).

bmw k100
Horizontal rear shock like a Formula 1 car

This motorbike’s rear suspension is horizontally made and is intended to imitate the F1 car style.

Aluminum material is then used to replace parts like suspension brackets, triangles, levers, and footsteps.

bmw k100
The front suspension uses upside down and both wheels are replaced with spoke models

The two wheels were then replaced by spoke models, which enhanced the classic impression.

The subframe was then reworked to make it more body-friendly. It was mounted on a single-seater and custom tail.

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The original stock from 1986 BMW K100 is still used for the tank.

bmw k100
The front view looks minimalist

Clip-on handlebars can be attached to the fork at the front of the upside.

The custom exhaust system can be found in the engine area.

As a finishing touch, we used the same blue color as Nelson Piquet, who was a three-time Formula 1 world champion.

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The BMW K100 is now a cafe racer with an F1 feel.

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