The Special BMW K1100 Cafe Racer, Looks More Handsome and Elegant

The BMW K1100 tested the cafe racer style, looking more handsome and elegant.

It is common knowledge that the BMW K1100 is the ideal custom material despite its jumbo engine dimensions.

There have been many custom BMW K1100 results that have a slick and frightening appearance from various world builders.

One example is the BMW K1100 cafe racer by Nick Rovello and Anthony Logalbo from HellGate Moto below.

bmw k1100 cafe racer
The appearance is now more elegant and frightening

For a change, Nick and Anthony started by stripping all parts of the 1995 motorcycle, leaving the frame.

Then the engine sector was given changes such as a new electrical system and a 4into1 exhaust system with mufflers from PS Customs.

Then the filter box is removed and the carburetor is installed with a velocity stack to further expose the large engine.

bmw k1100 cafe racer
The engine sector is given some minor changes

Continue to the legs, for the front fork still relies on the original but has been painted black.

Both wheels are also standard K1100 which has been given a black powder coating and wrapped in Bridgestone Battlax tires.

bmw k1100 cafe racer
Rear suspension replaced with YSS shock

While the rear suspension has been replaced with a YSS pretentious, then the swing arm and driveshaft are given a satin black color.

Next from the bodywork sector, Nick and Anthony overhauled the subframe to match its shape with the tail and seats made by Twisted Brothers.

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bmw k1100 cafe racer
The subframe has been revamped and fitted with Twisted Brothers tail and seats

Moving forward, the BMW K1100’s large stock tank is still retained but combined with a new cockpit.

The cockpit is now given Moto CNC clip-on handlebars with Morimoto bar-end turn signal lights, Motogadget speedometer and Motodemic LED headlamps.

bmw k1100 cafe racer
The tank is still standard but the cockpit is more minimalist

Oh yes, the stop lamp and turn signal have been pinned to the rear end of the subframe and rely on Radiantz products.

Finally, as a finish, the bodies are given a Mazda Soul Red Crystal color that contrasts with the black color on the frame, engine, and legs.

Image by HellGate Moto
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