BMW R100RT Red Cloak Fit Cafe Racer Style Full Upgrade Legs

BMW R100RT red cape, cafe racer style, fully upgraded legs.

Bolt Motor Co. has many interesting claims, one of which is the BMW R100RT which looks beautiful below.

Adrián Campos, commander of Bolt Motor Co. remodel the R100RT into a cafe racer that is quite interesting and cool.

Although it sounds very common, the BMW R100RT has many impressive upgrades that make it even more special.

bmw r100t cafe racer
The appearance is made elegant and cool.

Starting from the engine sector, they did rebuilds and upgrades such as installing a twin-spark system.

The Siebenrock Deep Sump Conversion Kit was also installed for the engine cooling system.

Then added Mikuni carburetor and exhaust system 2into1 with Spark muffler to enhance engine performance.

bmw r100t cafe racer
The engine sector gets a special upgrade.

Moving on to the legs, the front fork and rim have now been replaced with an upside down Ohlins Ducati Panigale 1922.

While braking is upgraded using four-piston Brembo M4 calipers and floating discs from special Braking.

bmw r100t cafe racer
Replaced front fork and rim with Ducati Panigale 1922.

Moving to the rear legs, the Hagon pretentious and BMW R1200 rims are installed because there is a swing arm replacement.

The original swing arm was replaced with a BMW R1200S which forced the crew of Bolt Motor Co. make an adapter so that it can be connected to the R100 gearbox.

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bmw r100t cafe racer
The rear legs now rely on having a BMW R1200.

Moving on to the bodywork, the subframe was overhauled and fitted with Tapizados Llop Ferrer seats and a custom tail made of carbon material.

Moving forward, the tank is still standard but has been raised at the back in order to produce a proportional line.

bmw r100t cafe racer
The sub frame has been overhauled and fitted with a typical cafe racer tail.

Then at the front, the cockpit is filled with clip-on handlebars, Motogadget speedometer, retro-style tachometer, and RebelMoto switches.

To complete it, a fiberglass bikini fairing and classic-style headlights were installed.

bmw r100t cafe racer
The cockpit area gets a lot of changes.

Lastly, as finishing, all the bodies are given a red color with black striping that looks so charming.

As a result, the BMW R100RT has succeeded in becoming a cafe racer that has performance and of course extraordinary legs.

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Image by : Alvaro Gaba