Fabulous Custom Cafe Racer Based on The Triumph Thruxton 900

When we talk about a custom motorcycles builder, it usually means someone, who can only create, a very limited number of cafe racer or other custom projects per year. And it’s easy to understand why it is this way.

Because most custom machines require manual labor, technical skills, patience, creativity, and hundreds of labor hours, to make it happen. Somehow, there is one builder who defies all these requirements.

100 custom machines is definitely an extraordinary achievement. And this impressive Triumph was explicitly created to celebrate precisely that. If we compare this stunning Machine with the majority of custom Triumphs ever built, it is easy to see that this is an extraordinary one.

It has a bit of audacity, mixed with some vintage details. A fascinating combination, worth seeing and admiring. No wonder it was built by one of the world’s most experienced Custom Builders, with Triumph motorcycles.

And this one is their number 100 build. Very impressive indeed. I’m sure you already know who I’m referring to. But I am going to say it anyway. This beautiful motorcycle was built in Spain by Tamarit Motorcycles.

I don’t remember seeing any other builder with so many custom Triumphs on their curriculum. But this one is very different. It is based on a pre-2008 Triumph Thruxton 900, which means it has a carbureted engine.

Therefore, the ideal model for customization, with fewer electronic components to hide and an excellent engine to receive a power upgrade. With this Machine being the crown jewel of all Tamarit Motorcycle builds, it’s only natural to have a name to match. Jade.

In some cultures, it is a much-used mineral as jewelry and for ornaments, mostly known for its green varieties. And this explains the color.

The first time I saw this Triumph, I couldn’t help but marvel at the tiny details and this excellent stance. The weight distribution may look like it has a heavy front and a light rear end. But that’s precisely why it looks so good and different from the usual Triumph approaches.

This half fairing definitely plays an important part in the equation. It is based on an old fairing from the ’70s. There were 2 slightly different versions of it, produced by Avon and Rickman. One of the things I like most about this work is how it was installed. Notice how this section follows the underline of the fuel tank.

It really seems to have a perfect connection with this project. You are probably wondering if there is not enough space between the fairing and the front wheel. In a way, you are right. Strangely, the fender looks too far from the tire. But if we forget this particular fender, I can assure you there’s enough room for the tire.

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On this other Tamarit cafe racer project, you can see it clearly with a similar fairing. The trick is on this curved section. And this is why this type of half fairing was always one of my favorites. Another interesting thing about this matter is this voluptuous belly pan.

I am sure it is not for everyone’s taste. But for this cafe racer project, I see it as an excellent solution instead of using a full conventional fairing. And Why?

Here are 3 reasons: The beautiful twin-cylinder remains visible. It makes the front closer to the ground without looking too heavy. And it allows the mounting of this beautiful 2 in 1 exhaust system. But here is what it would look like with a conventional full fairing cafe racer. It is not bad at all.

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But personally, I think Tamarit’s version looks much more enjoyable. It is interesting because it follows an unusual approach, mainly because of this incredible modified exhaust system from Zard.

As you probably know, Tamarit Motorcycles has a pervasive list of custom cafe racer parts for Triumphs on their website. Therefore, it is only natural to have some of those parts on the ‘Jade’ project. But the significant modifications are entirely new, with handmade items.

This seat, and the central suspension, are in that category. I think these 2 items match each other in perfection. Especially these holed plates, and they remind me of an airplane’s wing structural skeleton.

Another interesting fact is the swingarm, which was stretched. I believe this was an excellent solution to bring some balance to the overall stance.

Otherwise, the half fairing cafe racer would look too big and heavy. And this leads us to a fascinating question. Can we create a similar project but use the new Triumph Bobber? No, not exactly.

Interestingly, the Tamarit Team tried something similar on this other project. As you see, the Triumph Bobber turns out to be very different from the Thruxton 900. It looks too heavy and horizontal compared to the ‘Jade’ project.

And I think Tamarit’s team probably also realized this. But what is important to say is that they created a new and refreshing approach with the good old Triumph Thruxton 900.

I don’t remember seeing any other cafe racerĀ  project like this one. I have to congratulate Tamarit Motorcycles for creating this stunning cafe racer and bold project, especially for finding 100 different ways of modifying a Triumph motorcycle.

And this is an amazing achievement cafe racer that no other builder has probably ever done before.