Ducati 848 Evo Becomes a Cafe Racer, Minimalist Look but Still Scary

Chris Scholtka is a firefighter and one-person builder under the Motocrew banner.

He has many motorcycles that appear so frightening and incredible, one of which is the following Ducati 848 Evo.

This 2013 Ducati 848 Evo has been remodeled into a cafe racer with a modern feel and a clean look.

Change the focus to the bodywork

The changes begin by stripping down all the fairings of the 848 Evo and making a new, simpler subframe.

Then a seat pan was made with a single-seat upholstered in Alcantara that looks elegant and charming.

The tank still relies on the original and a pair of iron plate intakes.

Tank still standard but added custom air intake

Then, the cockpit still relies on the original default but is now equipped with an LED headlamp and a tiny LED turn signal.

While at the rear, a 3in1 stop lamp is also installed on the custom number plate bracket, which is made minimalist and straightforward.

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Chris also made a belly pan used to keep the electrical system neater.

The lights are replaced with all LED models

Switching parts of the legs, almost all of them still rely on the original because they are competent.

Other Project:  Amazing Cafe Racer Project With a Ducati Scrambler by Kei Kishimoto

Like Showa front forks, Ohlins rear shocks, and Brembo braking to lightweight rims.

It is still relatively standard for the engine sector, but an additional 2into1 stainless steel custom exhaust system is available.

The legs and engine sector are still pretty standard except for the exhaust

Done with all the custom processes, the only thing left is to give it an elegant and minimalistic finishing touch.

Chris applied a matte silver finish to the tank and subframe that blended nicely with the black engine and legs.

Super scary Ducati 848 Evo cafe racer

As a result, the Ducati 848 Evo has turned into a modern cafe racer that looks scary and charming.

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