Ducati 848 Evo Cafe Racer, Install Marlboro Livery, Play on the Race Track

Chris Scholtka from Motocrew previously worked on the Ducati 848 Evo into a modern cafe racer .

This time, Chris remodeled the Ducati 848 Evo again , but with a different concept, namely the 80s-style cafe racer fairing.

Chris was inspired by the Marlboro livery on Wayne Rainey and Eddie Lawson’s motorcycles on the 1980s GP500.

For details of the changes, on the front is now installed a large fairing belonging to Kawasaki racing motorcycles from the 1980s.

As for the headlamp installed in the area under the fairing using a tiny LED projector lamp.

Then for the cockpit area there are still many standard ones, but full throttle shifts have been added for maximum control.

ducati 848 evo
Fairing relies on Kawasaki’s 1980s racing bikes.

Looking back, the proportion of the tank is still using the original 2013 motorcycle alert because it fits the cafe racer style.

Then the subframe is made simpler and then fitted with a seat pan and a single seat wrapped in charming Alcantara.

ducati 848 evo
Standard tank but subframe and seats have been overhauled

Shift to the legs, there are still many innate parts that are maintained such as the Showa front fork, the Brembo brakes, and the rims.

However, the rear suspension was replaced with a new one and a custom number plate bracket was installed with a 3in1 stop lamp attached.

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ducati 848 evo
There are still a lot of standard legs

For the engine sector, there are still many standard ones, but there is an additional 2into1 custom stainless steel exhaust system.

Then the radiator was replaced with a new one so that it could be hidden behind the fairing and a quickshifter was installed to maximize its use on the track.

Not to forget, Chris made a belly pan which was used to store the electrical system to make it neater and give a solid impression at the bottom.

Finally, as a finish, the bodies and subframes are given a white color with the iconic Marlboro livery.

As a result, the Ducati 848 Evo has become a fierce cafe racer fairing and is ready to pave the way for the race track.

Source : bikebound.com via Gridoto.com
Image by : Kyle Reim