Easy Formula to Turn a Standard Motorcycle into a Cafe Racer

Cafe racer is indeed a modified genre that many people like. Because the design is similar to an old school racing motorbike .

But how hard is it to transform a standard motorcycle into a cafe racer. The answer is difficult and easy.

But here will be explained easy ways to make the bike into a cafe racer style.

The first thing to change is the handlebars.

For handlebars, there are many options that can be used, generally clip-on models, aka clamp handlebars, are used.

But you can also use the handlebars of other motorcycles, such as the Yamaha V-Ixion , which stays reversed so that the driving position is lowered.

Both parts of the tank .

This tank also has many choices, you can use the default tank if it has an elongated shape like the Honda GL Series, Suzuki A100 and so on.

You can also buy aftermarket tanks that have a variety of shapes and you can choose the one that best suits your dream design.

Next go to the seat.

This section also has a variety of choices, you can use a thin flat seat, but if the cafe racer feel is strong, of course there must be a hornet.

There are also various parts of this hornet, some are made of iron plates, some are made to bulge at the back and some are made of a seat cowl (cover).

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If it’s all right, just go into the exhaust.

Generally, the position of the cafe racer exhaust is made of moths on the back. But this really doesn’t have to be, just to be cool, it all depends on individual tastes.

The next stage is the footstep.

This footstep section also determines the driving position with the cafe racer motorbike. In order for the position to be lowered, of course, the footstep must be made more backward.

So, that was the formula for making a standard motorcycle into a cafe racer style, easy, right?

Sourcer : Gridoto.com
Image : Pipeburn.com