Honda CB750 Capital to Become a Classic Cafe Racer with a British Scent

The Honda CB750 is a classic cafe racer with a British flavor.

Honda CB750 may be one of the most ideal custom materials with all its features.

One example is the 1983 Honda CB750 which was remodeled into a classic cafe racer with the feel of an old British motorcycle.

The mastermind behind this cafe racer is Fredrik Pal Persson from Paal Motorcycle who used to be a chef and then changed his career to become a builder

honda cb 750 cafe racer
The concept of change given is an old British motorbike

Due to the severe condition of the motorbike, Pal forced him to take off all part of the motorbike, leaving only the frame.

Then the engine was immediately replaced with the 1979 CB750 which had better condition.

Then the engine got a rebuild and was fitted with a Mikuni RS34 carburetor with a velocity stack and an exhaust system with a vintage-style muffler.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
Engine replaced with the 1979 Honda CB750

Moving on to the legs, the front fork was immediately replaced with the Ohlins FGRT 205 which was originally for the Suzuki GSXR1000 with the Cognito Moto triangle.

Both wheels are also fitted with spoke rims from Cognito Moto with Shinko 270 Super Classic tires wrapped.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
Front fork replaced with Ohlins FGRT 205

For the rear legs get a custom swingarm that is old-fashioned and combined with Ohlins STX shocks.

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Done with the legs, the work continued on the bodywork which was made minimalist and elegant.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
Ohlins STX suspension fitted to support the overhauled subframe

The subframe has been revamped to be shorter and features single-seat seats and a custom aluminum tail, as well as fenders and tiny lights.

To the front is a large, Manx-style aluminum tank made by Richard Phelps of TAB Classics.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
The tank is made by TAB Classics and combined with a minimalist cockpit

Then the cockpit is filled with clip-on handlebars with minimalist switches and a tiny Engilsh Smiths speedometer.

The headlights are also made in a classic style and small in size, especially the unique bar-end front turn signal.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
The front turn signal bar-end model reinforces the old impression

As finishing, the bodies are given a glossy black color that makes the gold color on the frame stand out.

As a result , the Honda CB750 has turned into a classic cafe racer that looks charming and elegant thanks to all the impressive changes from Paal Motorcycles .

honda cb 750 cafe racer
Honda CB750 cafe racer that looks elegant

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