Honda CB750F Cafe Racer Classic, Looks Minimalist and Timeless

The classic Honda CB750F cafe racer looks minimalist and timeless.

Honda CB750 is one of the iconic and special motorcycles, it even earned the nickname “Original Superbike”.

In addition, the Honda CB750 is also often relied on for custom projects by many builders because of its 749cc 4-cylinder engine.

One example is the Honda CB750F Super Sport with a cafe racer style produced by Nick Acosta from Augment Motorworks.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
The display is made simple and timeless

For changes to this 1976 motorbike, Nick has a classic cafe racer concept that has a timeless appearance.

The change process begins with disarming all the body and continues with upgrading the kitchen spur.

This motorcycle engine was rebuilt and then increased the compression, installed a new cam, and a filter pod for the carburetor.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
The machine gets some special upgrades

Then the lubrication system is made with a wet sump model with an oil pan kit under the engine.

Not to mention the exhaust system 4into4 made of stainless steel and given a reverse megaphone muffler.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
His 4into4 exhaust system is one of the main attractions

Moving on to the legs, the front fork still relies on the original but gets an internal upgrade from RaceTech and a Tarozzi fork brace.

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For both wheels and braking also looks still standard except for the rims that remain newfangled spokes.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
The legs still rely a lot on the original

Meanwhile, the rear suspension has been replaced with a more modern one and is equipped with a sub-tank to ensure driving comfort.

Next in terms of bodywork, the cockpit is made minimalist with clip-on handlebars, tiny speedometer panels, and LED headlamps.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
The cockpit area is given clip-on handlebars to LED headlamps

Then for the tank, it still uses the original default combined with a new stern even though it still has a simple concept.

Above the subframe is a simple custom seat equipped with a removable tiny wasp tail as a complement.

honda cb 750 cafe racer
The stern is given a minimalist small seat and tail

Lastly, as finishing, the bodies are given a black color with simple red accents that give an elegant impression.

As a result, the Honda CB750F has succeeded in becoming a classic cafe racer that looks elegant and charming after receiving special changes.

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Image by: Augment Motorworks