Here are 9 Neo Cafe Racers That Can Be References

The birth of this sub-genre from cafe racer is undeniable because today’s motorcycles have quite a different construction from past motorcycles.

In 2017, discussed a number of neo cafe racer – style motorcycles , each of which has its own unique character.

Well, in this article we have summarized nine neo cafe racer-style motorcycles that you can use as references.

So for those of you who have a modern motorbike but want a cafe racer style, you can take inspiration from them.

Don’t forget to read the article to better understand the sexy shape of these nine motorbikes, here’s the list:

1. Yamaha XJR1300 from Deus Ex Machina

yamaha xjr1300
Yamaha XJR1300 custom café racer from Deus Ex Machina Milan, reported by

Deus Ex Machina is indeed known as one of the creators of unique custom motorbikes that sometimes looks eccentric.

One of them is this 1300cc Yamaha engine, at first glance it will be similar to the motorbikes in science fiction films.

2. BMW R100R from Vagabound

bmw r100 custom
BMW R100R custom cafe racer from Vagabound Moto, reported by

It is not difficult to turn this old BMW into a classic-style cafe racer.

However , this Austrian builder crew actually makes it a neo cafe racer that has a unique body and has many interesting details on this one motorbike.

3. Benelli BN 600R from White Collar Bike

Benelli BN 600R
Benelli BN 600R custom neo cafe racer belonging to Devon Sena, produced by the White Collar Bikes crew

When you see this motorbike, you may be a little deceived by its large legs in the style of a 600cc motorcycle, but look at the curves of its body.

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In addition to having the natural look of an old racing motorbike, the body is also made of aluminum, you know.

4. Yamaha XS650 from Barsteel Design

yamaha xs650
Custom Yamaha XS650 from Jay Donovan, reported by

Rarely do we see a Yamaha XS650 remodeled into a cafe racer, let alone a neo cafe racer.

But take a look at this Canadian builder ‘s motorbike, it will appear that the Yamaha XS650 is like a motorbike from the future.

5. Ducati 750 SuperSport from Kaspeed Custom Motorcycles

ducati 750 supersport 2001
Ducati 750 SuperSport 2001 custom modern cafe racer from Kaspeed Custom Motorcycles, reported by Ronald Barter Photography

Although it still maintains the original tank, the curves of the body of this one motorbike look very harmonious.

This one motorbike seems suitable for you to make a reference for overhauling a full fairing sport motorbike at home.

6. Honda Supersport 125cc from Bandit9

1967 honda seupersport
Custom 1967 Honda Supersport 125cc from Bandit9, reported by

For your information, this motorbike is mass produced in very limited quantities, you know.

But don’t be discouraged, you can still use a motorcycle engine to make a neo cafe racer like this.

7. Honda NTV650 looking for Wimoto

honda NTV650
Honda NTV650 custom cafe racer from Wimoto, reported by

Who said a motorbike with a delta box frame can’t be made into a cafe racer that looks dashing and proportional?

This is one proof, and the tank is still using the original default from the NTV650.

8. Royal Enfield Continental GT from White Collar Bike

Royal enfield continental GT
Custom Royal Enfield Continental GT by White Collar Bikes alert

This builder from Bandung really likes to surprise with their work, this is one of them.

The full body made of aluminum is made manually, you know, and the details are not kidding.

9. Honda CB250RR from Lunatic Inc

honda cb250rr
Honda CB250RR neo cafe racer modif by Yuwono Jati from Lunatic Inc , alerts returnofthecaferacers

In addition to having an aggressive body look and looking sturdy, this motorbike also has an old racing motorbike style.

As well as the frame made of trellis and also the legs with large drums also provide interesting details for this neo cafe racer.

Those were nine neo cafe racer-style motorcycles that you deserve to make reference.