Easy Formula to Turn a Standard Motorcycle into a Cafe Racer

cafe racer

Cafe racer is indeed a modified genre that many people like. Because the design is similar to an old school racing motorbike . But how hard is it to transform a standard motorcycle into a cafe racer. The answer is difficult and easy. But here will be explained easy ways to make the bike into a cafe racer style. The first thing …

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Here are 9 Neo Cafe Racers That Can Be References

neo cafe racer

The birth of this sub-genre from cafe racer is undeniable because today’s motorcycles have quite a different construction from past motorcycles. In 2017, GridOto.com discussed a number of neo cafe racer – style motorcycles , each of which has its own unique character. Well, in this article we have summarized nine neo cafe racer-style motorcycles that you can use as references. …

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