Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer, Complete Change, Classic Modern Look

Yamaha introduced the XS650 in 1970 with a 4-stroke two-cylinder engine with a capacity of 654 cc and is now often used as a custom material.

One example is the Yamaha XS650 with a minimalist cafe racer style with a modern classic, resulting in the following Purpose Built Moto (PBM).

For the overhaul process, the PBM crew started by stripping all the bodies and parts of this 1973 motorcycle alert.

cafe racer yamaha
Change starts with upgrading the legs

Next, the rear suspension was immediately replaced with a Marzocchi pretentious equipped with a sub-tank for special comfort.

Then the front fork is replaced with a 38 mm Ceriani mounted using a custom triangle.

As for the two wheels, rely on 18-inch Borrani rims with a new front hub that has an old feel.

cafe racer yamaha
Front fork replaced with Ceriani

Moving on to the engine sector, PBM did a total rebuild, then continued to install a 700 cc Hoos Racing kit.

In addition, porting heads, cam replacements, and a hydraulic clutch using a Ducati GT1000 slave cylinder are also provided.

cafe racer yamaha
The engine sector is upgraded to be more powerful

Not to forget, a pair of Mikuni VM34 carburetors were also installed with custom intakes and DNA filters.

Completing the engine, there is a stainless steel exhaust system with a 2-1-2 configuration and a polished torpedo muffler.

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cafe racer yamaha
In addition, a stainless steel exhaust system is also installed.

Next to the bodywork, the subframe has been trimmed and fitted with custom seats and a tiny tail equipped with a small LED stop lamp.

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Moving forward, the tank still relies on the original but gets a slight modification in the form of a modern-style tank cap.

cafe racer yamaha
Bodywork made minimalist and elegant

Then the cockpit is made minimalist with clip-on handlebars fitted with Domino throttle, ISR master, and Daytona Velona speedometer.

Completing the bodies, there is a tiny front fairing equipped with a 4.5-inch LED headlamp as its new face.

cafe racer yamaha
The front face is getting more and more frightening

Lastly, the bodies are given a silver color with a calm and elegant blue speed block accent for finishing.

As a result, the Yamaha XS650 is now transformed into a cafe racer that looks neat and charming.

cafe racer yamaha
The special Yamaha XS650 cafe racer

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